Joey "Toadstool" Dean

Joey is working to provide representation to other Transgender and LGBTQ+ folks through his writing, illustration and work at Toadstool’s Gift Shop.


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Back in 2016 I started my Etsy shop and now I have over 30 products and 1000+ sales (and counting). I am a graphic designer and multimedia artist creating inclusive LGBTQ+ and intersectional feminist enamel pins, patches and accessories as well as modelling on the side.


Take a run down Yonge Street (Toronto) with Alex and their dog-pal, Bowie. But, it’s not the bustling city you’re used to… WRITTEN BY: ALEX PRONG ✎ STORYBOARDED & ILLUSTRATED BY: JOEY “TOADSTOOL” DEAN ♥︎ FUNDED VIA BROKEN PENCIL PRESS’S COVID RELIEF MICRO-GRANT INITIATIVE


Stimming / Autistic Pride Happy Bee Design

Gouache on 9″ x 7″ paper, December 2021.

“Ah-ha-vah” Sunset

Gouache on 7″ x 5″ paper, October 2021.

Fiery Hamsa

Acrylic on 12″ x 9″ canvas, November 2021.

Pink Forest In The Rain

Acrylic on 6″ x 6″ canvas, February 2020.

Design & Illustration

Traditional Art & Textiles