What Is A Toadstool?

Toadstool is an unscientific label that is sometimes applied to certain types of mushrooms. It usually refers to colorful and poisonous or inedible mushrooms. There is no biological distinction between a toadstool and mushroom that scientists make.”


Joey Toadstool / Joey Dean

Current Work & Projects

Canadian Transgender Illustrator, Joey Dean aka “Joey Toadstool”, is currently working on providing representation for other transgender artists through his comics and community. Toadstool’s Gift Shop is his Queer & Magical gift shop (on Ko-fi and Etsy) and his most recent work with Cold Strawberries Collective.


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His pop-surrealism expresses a sadness and bittersweet nostalgia for growing up invisible: LGBTQ+ in a time and place where that didn’t exist. He strives to highlight the similar narratives within his community—such as the importance of acceptance over tolerance and the intersections of mental health and being *Queer—through his comics and local Zine Club.

I began as a traditional illustrator, specializing in nature and humanity—I studied the dichotomy of humanity’s dependance and impact on nature, and in-turn nature’s impact on our society. Now my work has evolved from “speaking for the trees” to speaking for my community. My focus has shifted from observing my environment, to actively changing the world around me.


Joey draws in several different styles, using bold strokes and soft colour pallets—the majority of his work uses crisp black lines and various elements from traditional tattoo art and LGBTQ+ issues. He focuses on using pop-culture and parody-type-comedy in his designs to connect diverse groups of people through laughter, joy and pride.

Being Queer* is already so hard, sometimes laughing things off is all you can do. Whenever someone laughs at my work, I feel like I’ve done my job—by connecting on another level and making their day just a little better.

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How To Support!

Toadstool’s Gift Shop is what enabled Joey to participate in local markets—from Toronto to London (Ontario)—and allowed him to connect with his community. Because of current circumstances, Joey is still connecting in isolation on Twitch!

Dean has been working as an illustrator and mixed media artist for over five years as well as having studied printmaking at the Dundas Valley School Of Art.  Joey also loves writing poetry and posting advice on his blog, The Artist Journal and is currently saving money for Law School.