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Broken Pencil. (Publication Date—could be more than a year) “Featured Zines.”DIY Countersurveillance * Can Zines Save Democracy? *, Issue 89, Page 39.

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Perennial Press. (Spring 2020) “Crazy Eyes” and “Watch Me Weep.” Super / Natural Zine, Vol. #1, p. 73 and 127 consecutively.


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Plant Watering Tips Mixed Media Collage Zine is an 8-page digital zine packed with colourful tips on how to properly water your plant children. As a new plant parent, it can be difficult to figure out your new plants specific needs. If you’re having trouble getting the hang of watering your fern to your cactus this zine will help you out! I had a load of fun making this collage-style zine and packed it with fun colours and drawings. Feel free to print some for free for your friends or your zine club. Please enjoy!

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