Internship Week 3: Flip-books & T-shirt Design

I’m already almost half-way through my internship. It’s hard to believe how much we’ve covered in the first 3 weeks, but I’m extremely happy with the quality of my work thus far.

The first two weeks of product photography was incredible practice getting to know my camera better and I’m finally feeling confident enough in my skills to work with other people. I’m really looking forward to planning some product photography and fashion photo sessions for the spring!

(Above) This is an illustration for a merchandise design—I’ll get to see the finished product of my work when my 8 weeks of training are over and really looking forward to putting my product and fashion photography to the test.

I had fun making a flip-book this week and am dying to make more! Keep an eye out for that, in addition to another animation project I’m currently working on for the next few weeks!

Check out my flip-book!

Until next time,

—Joey “Toadstool” Dean