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“Barton Jail”, Prison Dispatches Digital Zine


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Cold Strawberries Collective

During CSC’s active years, I played the roles of Graphic Designer, Visual Director, Layout Designer for our annual publication, Staff Artist, Magazine Contributor, Blog Editor and Contributing Writer and accomplished many other unnamed achievements. I provided both hand-drawn illustrations and graphic design, collaborated on multiple projects using Canva, and distributed my apparel through their online store. I illustrated the cover art for our two most recent print issues and contributed to dozens of blog articles. You can still read them in entirety on CSC’s website.

Featured Work at CSC


Toronto writer Alex Prong (she/they) reached out to me with a proposal for their story and vision for a comic after seeing my own Quarantine comics on Instagram. It was a perfect fit. After being awarded funding for our project via Broken Pencil Press‘s Covid Relief Micro-Grant Initiative, we spent the next 8 months collaborating together every step of the way. I’m responsible for the storyboarding, illustration and layout design of this project, but the story and final vision is entirely theirs.

Find our project featured in BP’s 89th Issue, DIY Countersurveillance * Can Zines Save Democracy?

Copies of RUNNING YONGE are still available here.

Quarantine Comics

I turned isolation into an opportunity to get to know myself better as both an artist and a person. I used my creative freedom to develop my style and refine my artistic process, while opening my life up to my audience in an authentic way. Some of the best relationships I’ve built were through this project and still love working on my comic commissions the most. This comic is not for sale anywhere, but you can view the entire project and BTS on my Patreon Page.

Watch my Twitch Stream Archives on Youtube to see recorded livestreams of my illustration process.


All commissions are personal, non-commercial/non-profit use only, with the exception of emotes. Emotes may be used as affiliate/partner subscription perks via Youtube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. They MAY NOT BE RESOLD (individually or packaged). For commercial work please contact me directly via: Twitter @TOADSTOOLDOODLZ, Instagram @TOADSTOOLILLUSTRATES, or email via CONTACTME(AT)JOEYDEAN(DOT)CA.

  • Payments are accepted through Kofi or via PayPal invoice ONLY. E-transfers are NOT accepted, under any circumstances.
  • FULL PAYMENT must be paid and cleared through the approved payment methods (see previous) before I start your commission.
  • Commission sketch, WIPs, and final renders will be sent to the contact info given (eg. Twitter DMs, email, etc).
  • Major changes (such as posing, expressions, and outfits) after the sketch has been approved will be subject to extra charges. Please confirm all revisions BEFORE approving the sketch.
  • Redoing an entire sketch is subject to an additional 50% charge, minimum $25.
  • Commissions containing copyrighted characters (eg. fan art from films/games/etc) will be used under the discretion of the commissioner. The artist will not be liable for actions taken against the commissioner due to copyright violations.
  • I reserve rights to publicly broadcast my artistic process and publish the artwork on my social media and websites. 
  • If you post or use the commission anywhere, you need to credit and link to either my Twitter @JOEYTOADSTOOL, Instagram @TOADSTOOLILLUSTRATES, or website at TOADSTOOLSGIFTSHOP.CA

For any other questions please contact me directly via email—I check in every Sunday.


  1. Visit my commissions page to check how many commissions slots are left and to place your order:
  2. Make a request and fill out the form. Be sure to describe your commission and all the details needed to complete the request. YOU MUST AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE set by the artist to go through with your request. 
  3. Contact me if your require a 1-on-1 consultation to discuss and clarify your design directly via email. Consultations are charged based on the PWYC (pay what you can) model through Ko-fi.
  4. After your request has been received and approved, and full payment has been processed and received, I will email you when I begin working on your commission. A sketch will be sent for changes and approval. Once the sketch has been approved, revisions will NOT be accepted. Redoing an entire sketch is subject to an additional 50% charge, minimum $25.
  5. The final full resolution artwork (2000X2000) will be sent to you as a transparent .PNG file. Resizing smaller is available, free of change. All files will be sent through the initially stated preferred method of contact.
  6. Commissions typically take 2-6 weeks to complete. RUSH SERVICES are currently NOT available.